Visit Münster – Top 5 Reasons

Visit Münster, a surprising young and charming city. Here my top 5 reasons why…

Visit Münster - Photo by Leda Nishino

Reason number 1 to visit Münster

Cosmopolitan and young due to its many universities, you should visit Münster and explore it by bike throughout its red-bricked paths well spread all over the city. No wonder Münster is considered the Bicycle Capital of Germany with almost 2 bikes per resident. Pedal or walk through the Promenade along the Aa lake and explore the reconstructed historic centre. It has uncountable churches carefully rebuilt after their destruction during the Second World War. Münster played an important part in the Reformation and Europe’s Thirty Years War was ended with a treaty signed here.

Visit Münster - Aa Lake by Leda Nishino

Reason number 2 to visit Münster

Münster is a highly cultural city, visit one of its museums such as the Picasso Museum or LWL Museum. The latter is a must-see, due its carefully planed functional and impressive architecture, great collection of sacred art and a contemporary compilation. Both museums are convenient located in the historic center.

LWL Museum -Photo Leda Nishino

Reason number 3 to to visit Münster

Münster has innumerous restaurants and cafes for all types of budget. Try some German specialties in traditional restaurants* with cozy atmosphere and decoration. For the small hunger, check it out the bakeries with breads, cakes and cookies for all tastes. But if you want to be indulged, visit the gourmet restaurant Chesa Rössli located at the Mövenpick Hotel.

The Mövenpick Hotel is located by the Aa lake, in a walking distance from the historic sights. Chesa Rössli restaurant is considered one of the best in town.

Below you can see my exclusive 4 courses vegan dinner at Chesa Rössli. It was fabulous!

1st course - Photo Leda Nishino


2nd course - Photo Leda Nishino

3rd course - Photo Leda Nishino

Dessert - Photo Leda Nishino

Reason number 4 to visit Münster

In Münster, shopping lovers go to the Ludgeri and the Königstrasse (Luedgeriviertel), served with a mix between big fashion brands and small boutiques among cafes and restaurants. The Ludgeristrasse is one of the top 10 shopping destinations in Germany and counts with a 3 floors mall, the Arkaden. Pay a visit to the Super Bio Markt on the basement floor: a bio oasis for food lovers and conscious cookers. I found Kañiwa there, considered a “super-grain” because it is a great source of energy, protein, iron and fibers. It is also anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. It looks and tastes like Quinoa, but the grains are smaller.

Luedgeriviertel - Photo Leda Nishino

Reason number 5 to visit Münster

Münster is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, with lots of green areas around the Aa lake. Visit the Botanic Garden and the reserve Rieselfelder, one of the most important birds protection institution in Europe, preserving species of water birds that were in danger.

They say Münster is so enchanting that many students that come to visit one of its universities, end up never leaving the city after graduating. The area surrounding the Aa lake is lovely, with many lakeside bars, restaurants and night clubs.

There are no direct flights to Münster from Zürich, so the best solution is to fly to Düsseldorf (1 hour flight) and go by shuttle or train to Münster (1h30min). The ones that enjoy a road trip, it is only a 680km drive from Zürich and reachable in 6h20min approximately.

My tip: Düsseldorf airport is modern and with lots of shops. While you are waiting for your flight, grab a bite at the Palavrion Restaurant. Günther, the manager, will make sure you will feel at home and not in an airport restaurant.

Palavrion Airport Dusseldorf

Aa Lake - Photo Leda Nishino

* Typical German restaurants are basically serving meet. The only alternative is to eat some side dishes, but even then it is rare to find something 100% vegan.

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