Vegan Milk – Why you should try

Vegan milk for your health, for the planet, for the cows.

Vega Milk for you and cow milk is for calves

Vegan milk because cow milk is bad for you

Vegan milk is essential to stop the dairy industry cruelty,  even worse than the meat industry. Cows instantly form strong bonds with their calves. Directly after birth, the mother will lick and nuzzle her calf clean, making a unique sound which encourages the calf to get up and nurse.

However, in the dairy industry, calves are taken away from their mothers either hours or a couple of days after birth in order to keep milk production as high as possible. This is very distressing for both the cow and her calf, who have a very strong instinctive bond. Mother cows have been found searching fields for their calves for miles around, and are known to make loud distressed noises for weeks on end. The fate of the calf is decided by their gender – females stay in the dairy industry, being artificially inseminated and having her own babies taken away, while males are funnelled into the veal industry.

Nowadays there are numerous vegan milk options to substitute the cow milk consumption. You can find also butter and cheese made of soy milk or another vegetable milk.

On top of the animal welfare issue, which is already a good reason to stop consuming dairy, there are many studies that prove it is not healthy at all. If you don’t believe, take a look at what these doctors say about cow milk.

Why cow milk is not better than vegan milk

Make a difference in the world: Go vegan!

If you stop consuming, they will stop producing. The power to stop the cruel dairy industry is in your hands.

Vegan Milk because cows and calves are sentient beings


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