Stop Animal Test

Yes, you have the power to stop animal test. Learn why and how:

Why should I stop animal test?

The answer to this question is simple. You should stop animal test because it is conducted on living beings.  Animals are sentient, are capable of feeling pain, fear, suffering, sadness, empathy, pleasure and joy. Among the animals used in testing are dogs, birds, fish, guinea pigs, rats, rabbits and monkeys.

What can I do to stop animal test?

We need to rethink our consumption needs. Each of us must wonder whether it is in fact morally acceptable to sacrifice lives. Is it correct to subject these animals to extreme pain and suffering? And all in the name of our mere vanity! Consuming without questioning the social and environmental costs of a given product, is to be at the mercy of profit-seeking companies and institutions. The only interest of such companies is to enrich without caring about environmental preservation. The well-being of society and animals as a whole depends on our decisions.

Stop Animal Test - Beauty Without Guilty choices by IMA

Stop animal test and opt for vegan brands :

  1. Tarte Cosmetics: certified as Beauty Without Bunnies by Peta
  2. Pacifica: Beauty Without Bunnies and Vegan
  3. Gabriel Cosmetics: Beauty Without Bunnies
  4. Buxom: cruelty-free

How can I know if my favourite brand is doing animal test?

Check a searchable database from Peta’s Beauty Without Bunnies hier and you can see whether your brand do test or not on animals.

Stop Animal Test - Source: Peta

If we stop buying from companies that do animal test, they will stop performing this cruelty. It is time for us to be conscious consumers: The power to influence the market is in our hands!

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