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Vegan style is the main theme of Vegan With Style. I, IMA, intend to spread awareness of a vegan lifestyle.  Animals do not belong in our plates, but also not in our wardrobe or beauty cases.  We all should take responsibility in preserving our planet. I want to inspire people into a transition to a sustainable vegan lifestyle. 

Why Vegan Style?

Because all animals have the right to live a natural life, free from human exploitation, unnecessary pain, suffering and premature death. When I went vegan and look for vegan lifestyle blogs, I found countless blogs talking about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Most of them focus mainly on food. Vegan With Style aims to be the source of inspiration for discerning vegans.

Vegan Style Fashion Inspiration

I am Image Consultant and Personal Styling teacher.  I launched  Vegan With Style, as fashion style inspiration platform, with style tips and outfit ideas. I hope it inspires your personal fashion styleVegan With Style showcases vegan leather bags, vegan shoes for men and vegan shoes for women, along with vegan friendly clothing and accessories. I will prove to you that is possible to be stylish without animal derived products!

Vegan Style Lifestyle Inspiration

Here I intend to share my ordinary choices and ideas that make my life extraordinary. I am a very visual person and I believe image is powerful. A good image provokes sensations and can talk by itself. Design is all over and I believe it is made for wellbeing and should focus on people. Here you will see inspiring design ideas to enrich your life with beauty and purpose.

After starting a vegan lifestyle, I became more conscious of my food habits and choices. Vegan With Style shares tips for food and best vegan supplements to live the vegan lifestyle healthy and enjoyably. Vegan With Style is a source for vegan recipes – edible ones – and also for DIY cosmetics. Find here DIY cosmetics recipes with recommended places to buy your DIY cosmetics supplies.

I love to travel! At Vegan With Style I will be writing a travel blog  about destinations with vegan friendly places to stay, vegan friendly restaurants, vegan friendly shops and things to see.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
Oscar Wilde

Vegan Style by IMA
Life is. I am. That’s enough.

Ima - Vegan With Style


Image Consultant & Personal Stylist – Travel & Lifestyle Journalist

Contact: ima@veganwithstyle.com