10 Reasons to Go Vegan

Go vegan if you noticed some signs like the ones described below. I was not raised as vegan, but somehow deep inside I have always been vegan. Here I share some signs are reasons to go vegan.

10 signs you are meant to be vegan

Go vegan - make the connection - Vegan With Style by IMA
1. Go vegan if you cannot eat an animal if you see him alive and/or being killed

2. Go vegan if when you eat beef it has always to be very well done and very well seasoned

3. Do you feel disgusted by manipulating a piece of corpse when you cook meat? I always did…

Go Vegan – Feel Good!

Go Vegan - show your beauty - Vegan With Style

4. Go vegan if you have lactose intolerance. Your body warns you when something it is not goo for you

5. Do you lose your appetite when you can recognize the animal (shape) who is being served in a dish?

6. Go vegan if you feel sorry for the animals by seeing their corpses hanging in a butcher/truck

Veganism is a moral decision. Think about it: Go Vegan!

 Go Vegan - Vegan With Style by IMA

7. Go vegan if your heart aches when you see a truck with animals on the way to the slaughter

8. Do you feel bad about fur, stuffed animals and animal parts like horns used in decoration or accessories? Even before being vegan, I never liked those things.

Go Vegan - Say NO to fur - Vegan With Style

9. Do you feel sad or do not even like circuses, zoos, aquariums, fishing, “sports” with animals, etc.? Even as a child, I never liked such places. Do you relate?

Go Vegan - SAY NO TO ZOO - Vegan With Style

Go Vegan - Say NO to circus

10. Go vegan if you don’t like restaurants where you have to choose your food while is still alive

In the past, before going vegan, I always had problems “choosing” my food from an aquarium with living lobsters or fishes. Could also not see fishermen coming with their nets and watch those fishes dying. I guess these were signs from my heart  telling me it was wrong.

Keep in touch with your intuition, feelings, emotions. Your heart never lies to you, listen to its voice. Being vegan brought me inner peace. Eating and behaving cruelty free is rewarding.


“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
Immanuel Kant


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