Classy without Leather – Yes, you can!

Yes, you can be classy without leather. It is time to review our opinion about faux leather. There are beautiful and high quality brands in the market. Learn who they are here:

be classy without leather - say no to leather

Do you want to know how to be classy without leather?

Once I was visiting the Fashion Hotel event in Zurich and checking some new brands and designers. I entered a room with bags and shoes and asked whether they had something made of vegan leather. The shop lady looked at me with contempt and said: “No, we only have elegant and fancy products here”. Really? In my opinion leather means cruelty and it is far away from being classy! To be classy is to be ethical, empathetic and morally correct towards all living beings. 

Unfortunately our society is conditioned to believe and accept that animals are commodities. Most of us never stopped to make the connection that they are actually sentient beings. We are all co-habitants in our planet. Not only this, many studies prove livestock production is the biggest negative impact on the planet. Making the connection is how to be classy without leather.

It surprises me that many vegetarians and “animal activists” do not see a problem in keep wearing leather. They say, or prefer to think, leather is a by-product of the meat industry and that by purchasing it they are preventing waste.

The truth is, due to its demand, there are farmers who raise cows with the only purpose of utilizing their skin, which is considered very valuable. But many other animals are also victims of the leather industry: New-born veal calves are killed and even unborn calves taken prematurely from their mother’s wombs, to supply the luxurious market of very soft and thin leather. Goats, pigs, sheep, ostriches, alligators, elephants, zebras, lizards and snakes are also killed for their skin and in some cases skinned alive. In China – the world’s leading exporter of leather – an estimate two million cats and dogs are killed for their skins, and most of people don’t even know that!

The power to change the leather industry destiny is in our hands

If people stop buying, they will stop producing. Nowadays it is possible to obtain alternatives made from natural, recycled, or synthetic materials. It is also possible to produce pseudo-leather out of mushrooms and pineapples. From another aspect, if people start looking for vegan alternatives, the designers will start producing accessories with cruelty free alternatives. It is time for us to be conscious consumers: The power to influence the market is in our hands.

Where can I find vegan accessories?

Many well known brands have sometimes options in vegan leather, you just have always to check the materials description. However, I can give also my personal tips:

The No Animal Brand

Fashion Conscience

Gunas New York

Matt & Nat


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